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there, traveling along 395 and the george washington memorial parkway. here's a look at dopple plenty of rain lifting into the area. rain started here about 5:00 this morning and it's going to stay steady now for most of the late morning and early afternoon hours. so don't expect too much in the way of improvement in the weather department today. temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. won't budge much during the course of the day. the steadiest of the rain will be ending around 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon, but i don't think the last raindrops will fall until midnight or after that. kimberly, over to you. >> thank you, chuck. >>> we don't even have food. >> that body -- >> the people are suffering. >> frustration and desperation in haiti as the death toll in last tuesday's earthquake there continues to climb. it's difficult, at this point, to pinpoint just how many people were killed, but estimates put the number anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 dead. about 300,000 hatians are now homeless. the u.s. state department says at least 15 americans have died in the quake. one u.n.
as republicans in washington. forget the ad. forget the truck. everybody can buy a truck. here is the question you need to ask before you go to vote on tuesday. when the chips are down, when the tough a boat is coming -- tough vote is coming, who is going to be on your side? that is what this race on tuesday is all about. [applause] it is easy to say you are independent and you're going to bring people together and all that stuff, until you actually have to do with. when the vote comes on ev nergy, whose side are you going to be on? mark that is going to be on your side. when the vote comes on taxes and there is a choice between giving more taxes to the wealthy and corporations that ship jobs overseas, and businesses that create jobs here, who is going to be on your side? >> martha. >> you will hear a lot about taxes. you always do, every election. i kept the campaign process -- campaign promise to cut taxes for 90% of working americans. [no audio] [applause] these members of congress voted to cut taxes here in the commonwealth for individuals and small businesses. we cut taxes for middle-clas
heard from two former u.s. president to help the people of haiti. today, "the washington post" about this and ask the question, for how long? this is sunday, january 17 and would begin with the u.s. efforts in haiti. we heard from secretary of state hillary clinton who was there yesterday. u.s. troops tried to prevent chaos in haiti's capital city. lutie louis coates flares were order breaks down. this question -- will there be a long-term u.s. commitment? the numbers are on your screen. the president will commemorate the birth of martin luther king and will campaign today for martha coakley for the senate seat given up by the death of ted kennedy. we'll talk about that later in the air but first, this piece this morning from "the washington post." clinton believes that the country can come back stronger in the future. bearing so, bottled water and other supplies, secretary clinton flew into the battered capital and told the haitian people that the u.s. will be here today, tomorrow, and in times ahead as the u.s. struggles to organize a relief effort for a barely functioning haitian
>> hoy en agenda washington estaremos hablando sobre los nuevos proyectos de la administracion obama. ¿este aÑo 2010 alcanzarÁ el gobierno materializar los planes que dejÓ inconclusos el aÑo pasado? que posicion asumirÁ la comunidad hispana ante los planes del presidente? lo hablaremos en el estudio. ademas todo lo que pasa en washington. >> saludos y bienvenidos, les >> mario: sol. estados unidos entra en el década conos y emisiones de desempleados. el 2010 establece una serie de retos por el país particularmente para la comunidad hispana. >> para el presidente barack obama el aÑo 2009 transcurriÓ entre las altas expectativas de la poblacion estadounidense, una gran popularidad mundial y multiples planes de polÍtica econÓmica y domÉstica. a pesar de que en su primer aÑo como mÁximo lÍder del pais obama alcanzÓ materializar varios de sus promesas y proyectos, otros aÚn continuan inconclusos. ahora, al comenzar el aÑo 2010 los retos principales serÁn culminar asuntos pendientes como la controversial reforma de salud, la creacion masiva de empleos, fortalecer
. >> thanks, maria. here's what's making news as we head into a new week on wall street. washington and wall street are not exactly the best of friends these days. president obama is asking for a tack on the nation's 50 largest financial instewings to pay back the bailout of wall street. the proposed tax on banks, thrifts and insurance giant would start after june 30th and would raise an estimated $90 billion over ten years. that came after bank ceos faced tough questions on executive pay and the failure of regulation before a bipartisan commission in washington. that commission looking into the causes of the financial crisis. the market shrugged off the noise from washington, closing at a 15-month high on thursday, but on friday, the markets fell. we are just heading into earnings season with dow components intel and j.p. morgan chase, beating analyst expectations this week while alcoa missed. and it's a battle of the titans with google taking on china. the search engine threatening to pull out of the biggest market in the world because of internet censorship. so can there be any winners in
at scott brown. >> brown, really a republican in step with washington republicans. he will block tougher over site of wall street, give more tax breaks to the wealthiest, apro prescription coverage for even joers and he denies emergency contraception to rape victims. he lacks understanding and seriousness. in times like these we can't afford a republican like scott brown. >> there's an uplifting message. >> i love the limbaugh touch. is this effective? >> no. there's this huge independent vote in massachusetts. the point is this is also familiar you would have to be more magnetic than martha coakley to get away with this assault and invocation. this has been a nonstop attack of trying to associate scott brown with republicans. >> national republicans. >> doesn't help to be marning out with with the widow of ted kennedy which is another one of those things you better be good at. it goes down the krau of independent voters. >> mobilizing core democratic voters. >> republicans can win just by making it close because it will put a scare into democrats nationally. massachusetts is a very, ver
and for a lot of folks especially down to the south and west of washington, already the rain drops have started to fall. no rain drops here in northwest just yet but we're on the cusp. most of the rain is in dale city, manassas, front royal. temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40. no numbers below freezing. this will be all rain around here and it's going to be pretty much all rain all day long. highs today not going to budge more than a few degrees up to the low 40s. i'm more optimistic, a little bit more sunshine. >> glad to hear it. >>> right now in haiti a critical situation is growing even more dire. still no official death toll. haiti's government alone has already recovered 20,000 bodies. that doesn't include bodies recovered by relief agencies or the victim's relatives. search and recovery teams continue to dig for victims while survivors are struggling and emotions are taking over. jay gray reports from the haitian capital of port-au-prince. >> reporter: the frustration is growing as much as the death count in port-au-prince, recovery teams uncover the body of the u.n. mission chief
to lift up the people of haiti. at sacred heart catholic church in northwest washington, there's a sense of relief among parishioners. the father, who would normally lead the service is in haiti. he's been among the missing until friday when members found out he had been found safe. this member says she talked to him on saturday. >> he is outside. sleeping outside, also. he doesn't have a place. the capitol is really down. everything. >> reporter: it's the first time this church family has gotten together for mass since the deadly quake struck. many here are dealing with the pain of losing loved ones. >> my family die. >> reporter: the charge diocese is taking up money for charities to help people who are suffering in port-au-prince. >> today we have thanks giving for the families that have been found and father who has been found and pray for those that are still missing and those who have died and they'll be with god or they'll be found. >> reporter: here at the national cathedral, they will also take up a special fund today to benefit the episcopalian relief fund. those money also go
to keep a close eye on things now in washington. we have the president at the vermont avenue baptist church. we don't know exactly when he's taking to the podium because we don't have one of the church programs in front of us. nonetheless we know that he will be speaking to the congregation about the relief efforts from the united states and haiti as well as the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. ahead of tomorrow's national holiday celebrating him and his legacy. we're going to stay on top of this. when the president takes podium, we're still on it. when he gets there, we'll take you there, too. >>> also in a few minutes we'll look at the food being given to the people of haiti. will it be enough to sustain them? we're going to continue to bring you live reports throughout the day, into the evening tonight on the efforts to save the people of haiti. >>> let's look now at some of the other stories making news. first, from iraq, saddam hussein's cousin, the man known as chemical ali, was convicted today of crimes against humanity. he will be hanged for a poison gas attack on a kurdi
captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 >>> from washington, "the mclaughlin group," the american original. for over two decades, the sharpest minds, best sources, hardest talk. "the mclaughlin group" is brought to you by met life, guarantees for the "if" in life. >>> issue one. haiti's hell. >> i'm very sad. because a lot of people died, a lot of people are suffering, and i'm very sad because my country is in great difficulty. >> haitian president says he cannot even go home. the presidential residence was destroyed. haiti this week was the victim of a 7.3 richter scale, that's maximum severity, earthquake that leveled most of haiti's capital, port-au-prince. haiti's parliament, government ministries, hospitals, schools, hotels, homes were demolished. the death toll is expected to reach 100,000 and over 3 million stand in need of emergency relief. a third of the population. the country is reeling. >> we need more people down here! >> are they alive? >> people are losing everything they have. >> on thursday, president obama promised help that
he was shot outside the hilton hotel in washington, there was a very bad time in his presidency. howard baker came in as the chief of staff. things got better again. how bad was it in that time of the decision when there appears to have been nothing but in fighting in the administration? >> i can tell you that he was closer to death than people realize. this devastating blow with 1 inch from his heart. he lost a substantial amount of blood. -- this devastating bullet was 1 inch from his heart. he lost a substantial amount of blood. he was closer to death than people realized at the time. but this is your second book on reagan. >> the first one was called "reagan's revolution." that is where he begins the process of remaking the possiblrepublican party. i have always loved history. i majored in history in college. i have written many articles on history over the years. i have spent my entire life writing for other people. i decided i wanted to start writing for myself. i was able to get a book contract for my first book. that got good reviews. it was a bestseller. it led to this
follow just live the ten commandments, try that one on for size. i don't think you can go to washington and not lose your soul. i've never met somebody who went to washington and came back and i said you're a better person. have you? >> come to think of it, i don't know if i have, glenn. >> glenn: how do you -- because the parties, the system is so infected, how do you as an individual go in -- i'm not asking if you're going to run. but let's just say you were going to run. how do you go in and how do i as voter know you're not going to cut so many side deals to get that power that by the time you had that power you're no longer who we needed? >> i think a voter first needs to sin veerly know -- it sounds impossible, but sincerely know who that candidate is to see what their track record and to see if they had lost their soul along the way. >> glenn: we're not even talking about track record anymore. we're not talking about how did you vote? we're talking about trust. how do you restore trust and honor, how do we even know anymore? >> that is what everybody is asking. that is what those
commandments, try that one on for size. i don't think you can go to washington and not lose your soul. i've never met somebody who went to washington and came back and i said you're a better person. have you? >> come to think of it, i don't know if i have, glenn. >> glenn: how do you -- because the parties, the system is so infected, how do you as an individual go in -- i'm not asking if you're going to run. but let's just say you were going to run. how do you go in and how do i as voter know you're not going to cut so many side deals to get that power that by the time you had that power you're no longer who we needed? >> i think a voter first needs to sin veerly know -- it sounds impossible, but sincerely know who that candidate is to see what their track record and to see if they had lost their soul along the way. >> glenn: we're not even talking about track record anymore. we're not talking about how did you vote? we're talking about trust. how do you restore trust and honor, how do we even know anymore? >> that is what everybody is asking. that is what those who are conscientious and
in church this morning in washington. president spoke to the congregation of the vermont baptist church on the eve of the federal holiday marking martin luther king's birthday. >>> president reminding americans and encouraging americans to lean on their faith. as president of the united states is something he does and keeps him calm and paying ri fri beauty to dr. martin luther king and he made a brief reference about haiti. >> closer to home our haitian brothers and sisters are in desperate need. bruised and battered.... >> remembering the victims of this massive natural disaster on this sunday after the disaster. >> and george w. bush and what did they say about people of faith? >> it was interesting because they paid tribute to people of. long term people of faith are going to play a vital role in haiti. here is what the two leaders had to say. >> the ultimate recovery of haiti is going to be aided by the faith-based community, it will be helped by the faith-based community. >> i want to echo that, hate if i has 10,000 non-governmental organizations active there, that is the largest
's learning how to be a more effective inside player in washington and dealing with the congress. and that's something that some previous fed chairman, paul volcker, alan greenspan, your time at the fed as vice chairman, you have done a lot of washington before. so i don't think it was a help that he didn't have this experience. but i think that the portfolio skills he had figuring out what to do in this instance was the most important thing that we could have asked for neh chairman at this credibly terrifying moment in our history. >> host: what about his personality? >> guest: i think that's also interesting. you know, alan greenspan, in my view, made it a little bit too much like the vatican. he was the pope that he was invaluable, and those people did know anybody else's name. and bernanke came to washington determined he said at the time to follow greenspan's policy, but to be different and greenspan. i call him in the book to be the un-greenspan. to elevate over the character of the chairman. i think actually that was a bit naÏve. but it did help him build a consensus at the fed. so
start in the washington area. a check of live doppler shows the rain moving on in. it's raining hard across much of central virginia. don't expect much improvement from mother nature during the course of your sunday. temperatures right now, in the upper 30s to nosing in on 40 degrees, down toward springfield and triangle. temperatures are going to move very little during the course of the day today. could get between three quarters of an inch >>> now here's jenna. >> all right, janice, thank you. >>> families of the lynn university students still missing in haiti plea for help to find their loved ones. we'll talk with them right after these messages. a diamond-infused sensation. touch of sparkle cream oil body wash from nivea. touch and be touched. wow, that's a low price! i think i'll get him a cart. wow! [ male announcer ] staples has low prices on everything you need for your office. staples. that was easy. love to see kids' spirits shine. superstar and mom, martina mcbride and sunnyd on everything you need for your office. shine on sunny taste. sunny spirit. sunny d. >>> yesterda
, "the new york times" ran an article called three great leaders: washington, lincoln, and grant. in 1985 they published an article getting right with lincoln. this explored american politicians and everyone else to square their own position with what they thought would be lincoln's position on the matter. they were drawn to his leadership. and measured their success by that which lincoln would have approved. and in 1974 "time" magazines asked who were the greatest leaders? lincoln's named appeared most frequently. c-span's 2009 presidential poll released the past president's day has abraham lincoln's first as he was in the last c-span survey in 2000 and today in 2009, 200 years after his birth, we as well lincoln authors are still trying to connect and get right with lincoln. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you so much more, with judge williams. hearing that means the person remained alive as long as their name was spoken and remembered. so in coming here tonight and in hearing those profound remarks from judge williams, we are keeping alive not only the memory of abraham lincol
your window. >> washington dave here looking at the storms you can see a potent system. bringingous a soggy sund. doppler radar shows all across washington rain, heavier in panhandle. the good news is temperatures are well above freezing. look for 40-44 degree. rain tapering off in the afternoon could be up to an thanks so much. more on your sunday outlook, later on in the show. bill? >> okay, marysol. >>> well, president oba returns to the campaign trail today, as he heads to what is supposed to be a democratic stronghold, massachusetts. but he has to save ted kennedy's senate seat and his health care plan. all of this comes as a new abc poll finds his support far lower than when he entered the white house, almost a year ago this week. abc's rachel martin has details. >> reporter: when barack obama took office, hopes were sky-high. and so were his rates. now, a year later, his numbers are nowhere as good. according to a new abc news poll released today, 53% of american's approve of obama's job performance. that's a drop of 15 points over the year. >> another signal for democrats. t
and my favorite, virginia's george washington. [applause] behind me in the pro tunda are the busts of the eight virginians who became president of the united states. it was here that robert everyone lee, the son of a governor, was commissioned as the young nation split into war. it was here just four years later that president abraham lincoln came to begin the process of reuniting a war-torn nation, walking the streets of a still smowldering richmond. it was here 125 years after lincoln's visit that a grandson of slaves, l. douglas wilder took the oath of office as the nation's first african-american governor. [applause] and it is here today that an average middle class kid from fairfax county, the grandson of irish immigrants is given the enormous honor of becoming the 71st governor of the commonwealth of virginia. [cheers and applause] as it turns out, i succeed another descend didn't of irish immigrants, governor tim kaine. on behalf of the people of virginia, governor kaine i thank you for your great service to the commonwealth of virginia. [applause] today virginia is a thrivi
a church service in washington this morning, the president spoke about how faith keeps people going during these tough times. a top official leading the u.s. government's relief efforts in haiti says incidents of violence are hurting attempts to get aid to victims. the streets have been largely calm and violence is increasing, 1,000 u.s. troops in haiti and more than 3,000 others work from ships. 12,000 u.s. forces are expected to be in the region by tomorrow. >>> a u.n. worker has been rescued after spending a week trapped under a collapsed building. the man was rescued from the collapsed u.n. headquarters in haiti's capital. search and rescue crews have been working nonstop. first order of business after being free, making sure he was okay. >> does your neck hurt? >> no. >> have you having any difficulty breathing? >> no. >> do you have any pain in your back? >> only from -- >> only from being -- i'm bruised but nothing -- >> took us four hours to get to him. we got a visual on about three and had him out in four. >> that wasn't the only good news, search and rescue team from the new yor
. in new york, the u.n. security council paused to mark the scale of this tragedy, what in washington president obama mobilized and his -- america's rescue services. >> haitians are our neighbors in the americas and at home. we have to be there for them in there are of need. -- in their hour of need. >> this was the worst eighth quake to hit the population into a hundred years -- earthquake to hit the population in 200 years. >> there are a large number of people who have been made homeless by this earthquake. many thousands of brotherand ota have tried to stay the night in their houses. a lot of people have ended up in camps like this. but you will see that they're under flimsy tarpaulins. >> my family is dead. i have one brother. he isead. that is why i'm here. i just have nothing. i don't have anyone. i don't have money. i do not know what i'm going to do now. >> throughout the day, there have been more and more pledges of international assistance, and yet, the people here say they have had nothing in the way of help. the shocking thing at this camp is that it is just a two-minute
chief administration for for the u.s. aid. and the latest from steve harrigan in washington democrats work on a final health care reform bill with a vote looming what does the gop did next? we'll ask mitch mcconnell. our sunday panel handicaps that special massachusetts election. will a ran capture a safe democratic seat tuesday? all that right now on fox news sunday. hello again from fox news in washington. we'll hear from the former presidents and our other guests in a moment. first, the latest from haiti. authorities say at least 50,000 have been killed and there are fears that total could more than double. relief agencies estimate 1/3 of the country some three million people are in need of help. officials stay there is no electricity and the water system has collapsed. for more we turn to folks news correspondent steve harrigan in port-au-prince, good morning steve. >> reporter: good morning brit. each day small steps forward on the ground here. two radio stations now operating. also the international red cross on the ground in mobile units treating people some feeding points open
how bad the damage is in haiti. we will show you photographs from our washington bureau, but we belong on the ground. >> you can hear the airplanes be a nightmare -- we begin on the ground. a vi>> you can hear the airplan. they are the faces of devastation. and desperation. in the ruins of what is left of port-au-prince, survivors are being pushed to their limits. >> there is no security. anything can go down right now. >> they scramble for water and argue over the last drops of precious fuel and wonder five days after, things are getting worse. >> things are getting worse. >> he turned his business into a makeshift morgue, allowing people to store the bodies of the dead until they can find caskets. he understands their pain. on the first sunday since the quake, many are uncertain and worried about what will come next. they have turned to a higher power. >> all we can do is pray to god. our only hope is the lord. >> they prayed for help and hope, and in the midst of all of the pain and suffering, these people who have lost so much still gives banks, understanding, perhaps better than a
sunday shows so maybe you don't have to. joining me now in washington where you can only find them right here together on "state of the union" james carvel and mary madeline. welcome. congratulations on the saints going to the nfc championships. >> i take back everything i ever said about reggie bush. i really apologize reggie, you were great yesterday. >>> i want to start on a serious note. i'll hold up the front page of the papers, "the new york times" this morning, every newspaper across the country dealing with haiti crisis. officials strain to dibt aid to haiti. that's the take in "the new york times." you saw the two former presidents, bill clinton and george w. bush coming together to raise money for this cause, reprise of what bill clinton and george h.w. bush did after the tsunami in south asia. we'll get to politics in a moment. assess the moment, two people who moved back to new orleans after katrina to make a statement of your own. >> one thing i want to say is the sense that katrina hit new orleans, when katrina happened, there was a lot of attention and a lot of things and
to talk about haiti any moment now, he's attending church services in washington, d.c. before he heads up to massachusetts, for a campaign appearance, later on this afternoon. the president, united states, americans, and our wish to help haiti coming up, here on the fox news channel. >> jamie: forks -- "fox news alert," president obama is in the vermont avenue baptist church and as you can hear the mace under way, the service and the president will be speaking, we expect him to speak for approximately 20 minutes, this church has a tremendous history. it has been around for 140 years. and only have had 6 pastors in all that time and we'll stay tuned for all the festivities and eric, there are massive goings-on across our country. >> eric: not oenlt only our cou but haiti the collapsed cathedral a sunday mass this morning, the reverend eric toussaint in the most devastating scene, where there was a rotting body by the entrance, asked the congregation, this morning, why give thanks to god? because we are here. we say thank you, god, those, the words of renewal and faith and spirit, being sai
's inauguration ceremony. and marvin kalb on journalism ethics. tomorrow on "washington journal," a discussion on the obama administration's policies on jobs and the economy with democratic strategies karen finny and kevin madden. and how poorly equipped haiti is for natural disasters with mathieu ejean. and the discussion in massachusetts how to fill the latest seat with senator paul kirk. 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> the oath of office will now be administered to the governor-elect of the commonwealth of virginia, robert francis mcdonnell, by honorable barbara milano keenan, justice of the supreme court of virginia. [applause] >> are you ready to take the oath in. >> i am ready. >> please repeat after me, raise your right hand. i, robert francis mcdonnell, do solomnly swear, that i will support the constitution of the united states, and the constitution of the commonwealth of virginia, and that i will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties incumbent up on me as governor of the commonwealth of virginia, according to the best of my ability, so help me god. [ cheers and applause ] [appla
on how you can contribute, help the devastation in haiti. i'm john king in washington, thanks for joining us today. fareed zakaria "gps" starts right now. >>> this is "gps the global public square." we begin today with haiti. i want to go beyond the terrible images you've seen in the last days tragic as they are, and help us understand this tragedy and how it came to be this way. everybody surely knows by now that haiti is the poorest country in the entire western hemisphere, but that's not the whole story. you see, haiti has been marked by violence, turmoil and tragedy from the start until recently when things turned up only to be dashed by this earthquake. and that start informed the tragedies that had befallen this country ever since. so, a quick history lesson, one that i think is fascinating on its own merits and one that is essential to understanding haiti today. the island that became known as his panola was discovered by europeans when christopher columbus landed there in 1492. 200 years later in 1697, the french gained control of the western part of this island. african slaves gr
, here is what we have. 62 in las vegas. 73 in phoenix, 52 back in seattle, 42 in washington, d.c., 60s and 70s in tampa and miami. finish up with boston and new york in the 30s and 40s of that's a quick look. i'm reynolds wolf for hln. enjoy your day. >>> indianapolis colts one game away from the super bowl thanks to one player to admitted he had a hard time concentrating on the game. he likes to run, likes to play. >> if i run too long, my chest starts to hurt. >> d.j. has asthma. he developed it as a baby. he said at first it was hard to figure out what was wrong with him. >> we thought he had a cold. >> reporter: mold and dust triggers the asthma. cold air can exacerbate the condition as can getting sick. >> there are a lot of children who have more problems in the fall and winter, probably due to the fact there are just more colds and more viral illnesses. >> these triggers can cause the airways and lungs to become swollen, sometimes making it hard to breathe. the key to d.j. and kids with asthma is using a prescription steroid inhaler. >> that breaks down the inflammation and keep
. and two long time washington reporter, "time" magazine's mark halperin co-author of "game change" and bob woodward. >>> first, good morning. we want to bring you up to date on the developments out of haiti. it's five days since the devastating earthquake hit that island nation, the latest estimates from the haitian government, 50,000 bodies have already been recovered, and the death toll is likely to be between 100,000 and 200,000. our preliminary red cross estimate puts the total number of affected people at 3.5 million. as the focus now moves from rescue operations to the massive task of trying to get food, water and shelter to desperate survivors, all of this as there are increasing reports of looting and violence. we'll hear from former presidents bush and clinton, how they are committed to a long term rebuilding effort in this country of so much need. first the latest on rescue and relief operations and for that we are joined in port-au-prince by lieutenant general ken keen, a general heading up the u.s. military relief evident on the ground and here in washington by dr. rajiv shah,
're on our way, we're trying to get in, we're either stuck in new york, washington, santo domingo. but let the people know we're on our way trying to make it in. they actually asked for addresses to some of the border hospitals where they need immediate attention. i really believe if these doctors showed up they'd be put to work immediately because they do need trained professionals. a lot of these people aren't doctors, they're medics but they're doing the best they can. >>> on the heels of that report, i'm joined by nbc news chief science correspondent robert bazell who is going to bring us the latest on the setting up of the hospitals, the influx of u.s. physicians, surgeons, nurses coming in. that's got to be a top priority for the u.s. right now. what are you seeing, bob? >> reporter: well, you were saying a logistical nightmare that just keeps continuing. all these helicopters that you hear behind me, maybe you see some of the troops, there's an enormous effort to just stuff things into the country as fast as possible but of course it is a logistics nightmare. we've been visiting sev
effort to roll back the clock to the 1980's, it matt i have covered in washington as a white house correspondent and understand how the fissile material, the pathogens, the chemicals got so widely spread and in the process of that research i got very lucky one day. i discovered the papers, from the kremlin of vitaly leonidivich katayev. mr. katayev was a professional staff member in the central committee. he passed away in 2001, but as i was doing my research i found he had left behind a large amount of documents from the time that he served on the central committee as a staff member. he was in the defense department which was responsible for the entire military industrial complex and mr. katayev was one of those fellows who lived by the power and of the lift up his pencil and his pen. he still dozens of large notebooks with notes every day of technical details, things that had happened in the kremlin, arms control, weapons decisions, and what is so fascinating about this archive, which will be available publicly to everybody at the hoover institution is that you get an inside view
'donnell covers congress for nbc news and howard fineman is washington correspondent for newsweek and andrea mitchell covers politician at nbc news and john heilemann covers for "new york" magazine and is coauther of gang chain. first up, the hell in haiti is the towering news of this week, perhaps the year. the desperate effort to rush help down there has been gratifying and frustrating when the needs are so immense. we turned to the big political news of this week. it comes from the brilliant political book by john heilemann and mark halperin. it exposes and brings to life what we thought was going on in the incredible months between hillary and boom and ed -- and obama and mccain and edwards. john, one thing that grabs people in the book, all of these big-name senators, jay rockefeller and others across the country secretly backing obama and pushing him to run and moon while maintaining a public attitude of i'm with hillary. >> they were. it is amazing -- i think it is the biggest news in the book. because the perception was that hillary was the candidate of the establishment and that nar
efforts to bring hope to haiti. from washington, madison smart bell who has written more than a dozen books, fascinating biography of the leader of the haitian revolution. and in los angeles, journalist amy wilenz who lived in haiti through the ee 80s and '90s reporting on the political turmoil and unrest. so when should happen going forward? tracy kidder, you saw one man trying to do, make difference. a lot of people feel all right, you know, put in a lot of money, help as much as you can. but the long-term solution has to be to give haiti's economy some kind of internal strength of its own, internal vitality. from what you saw, what's the solution? what will -- what will allow haiti to stop being a kind of basket case, dependent on western aid, and to really become a viable nation economically as well as politically? >> you know, the only honest answer is to say i don't know. i'm not a development expert. though i don't trust them particularly either. but i -- i do think that there's really no hope unless the effort to rebuild is well coordinated and unless it involves the haitians
reduce complications and surgeries. he appeared on c-span's washington journal. this is an hour. >> host: we are going to introduce you to our guest of the morning, dr. atul gawande who is a surgeon and also been inside the debate over public policy on health care for a decade and a half now. he has in the pastored the number of books including a surgeon's notes on performance, complications is surgeons note on imperfect science in his latest book called "the checklist manifesto" how to get things right. we are going to talk to him about that this morning. geren the clinton years he served as senior health policy advisors with both the campaign in the white house 92 to 93 and you can read him on a fairly regular basis in "the new yorker" so thanks for being here. when did you make the decisions in addition to practicing it would also be involved in health care policy? >> guest: i tried to avoid being a doctor for a while. the son of two indian doctors you naturally are going to become a doctor yourself then i wanted to push against my own inevitable path. and, during that time i got a ma
funds and help the people of hate net short-term and long-term. >> reporter: here in washington, president obama invited two former presidents to the white house to talk about raising money. this is the scene. president obama with former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton, the former presidents saying they will do their best to raise money for haiti, even after the news media reduces coverage. >> i know a lot of people want to send blankets or water, just send your cash. one of the things we will do is to make your sure money is spent wisely. >> it's still one of the most remarkable, unique places i have been. they can escape their history and build a bitter future if we do our part. >> after that video of them, the two presidents came together and filmed a public service announcement, asking everyone to donate to live in the satellite center, matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> thank you. >>> the military's largest ship is on the way to haiti. on board, 560 medical personnel expected to arrive on thursday. the crews were told to prepare for a long dep
to trakt more customers. it is cold, fridge and i had beautiful. first, washington buzzing about wizards star gilbert arenas and his suspension from the nba. he is facing an investigation after he i had admitted to bringing guns into the locker room. craig melvin has more on what fans are saying about the absence of agent zero. >> idiot. >> he has to act responsibly. >> a shame. kind of sad. >> fans walking the streets outside verizon center heard the tale of a three-time all-star turning four guns p in making david letterman's top ten list. what is just as bad as what arenas did is that he made light of it. >> story was he was pulling a gun in the locker room. that was outrageous. then it was even more outrageous in a way when he started to make jokes about this. >> reporter: talking about this picture. snapped last night before the wizards game in philadelphia. you can see arenas in the middle pretend guns drawn as he gestures towards his smiling teammates. arenas talked about the picture on his twitter page saying he knew everyone had seen thepics but thought it would be a good way to
. >>> the washington wizards were back at home for the first time since gilbert arenas pleaded guilty. roz plater talked to the fans about agent zero's trouble and is live in the newsroom with their reaction. >> reporter: fans came to this game tonight. they were certain they saw the last of gilbert arenas and there were others not defending their actions but are hoping for the best. it's the wizard's first home game after gilbert arenas' day in court and the gravity of it all is just settling in. >> no more banners, he's on the rosters anymore. he's just gone. >> reporter: on friday, arenas told a d.c. superior courts judge he was guilty of carrying a pistol without a license. the prosecutors y last month, he had a dispute with crittenton. each threatened to shoot the other. arenas brought four unloaded guns into the locker room telling critten don to pick one and claims that he picked his -- brought his own weapon. the investigation is ongoing. two bethesda fans arrived at the game showing their support of arenas, a.k.a. agent zero. >> obviously we don't condone what he did but we think that he
the heart of the story. from the situation on the ground to port-au-prince, to washington, to the u.s. command center this is the logistical nerve center of the massive relief effort. first, we begin with with "fox report" chief correspondent jonathan hunt who is streaming live from port-au-prince tonight. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: hey, julie. you know, we talked a lot about the need for food and water supplies to be gotten out to the people of port-au-prince. but there is an equal and equally urgent need; that is, for medical supplies. the hospitals, the medical clinics are desperately struggling to provide the quality of care that the people so urgently need. we saw that up close and personal at the university hospital of peace. >> almost every inch of this hospital is taken up with the injured. they're lying on cots. they're lying on the floor. as you can see, they're lying on anything. the doctors here hard-pressed almost impossible for them to treat everybody. they don't have the medicines they need. they don't have the resources they need. they don't have the personnel they n
in watching the hearings. mistakes were made. any time you hear anybody in washington -- >> i accept responsibility but not the blame. >> this commission has an enormous job. they have some talented people. it is an enormous task. they have to have it done by this december. these people redid the bonuses are going to start coming this week. -- the bonuses are going to start coming this week. you will see anger reach a frenzy point next week. >> at what point is a self- defeating? >> the president is very smart politically in selling it in a dishonest way he did. [laughter] as has been pointed out, the banks have paid it back. those who have not are gm and chrysler will not be taxed at all. that is because of detroit and the uaw. it is not as a payback. because of the bailouts, there is an implicit assumption around the world that if any big institution fails, the u.s. treasury will bail them down again. there is kind of an implicit insurance. when a small bank has that, it pays a fee into the fdic. the fdic keeps it as a fund in case a bank fails. if you argue that this is a fee on t
will do exactly the same thing in washington. so look, forget the ads. everybody can run slick ads. forget the truck. everybody can buy a truck. here's the question you need to ask yourselves before you go to vote on tuesday, massachusetts. when the chips are down, when the tough votes come, on all of the fights that matter to middle class families across this commonwealth, who is going to be on your side? >> martha! >> that's what this race on tuesday is all about. when -- because it is easy to say you are independent and you are going to bring people together and all that stuff until you actually have to do it. when the -- when the vote comes on energy and there's a choice between standing with big oil or fighting for the clean energy jobs of the future, whose side are you going to be on? >> martha's! >> martha is going to be on your side. when the vote comes on taxes and there is a choice between giving more tax blaks to the wealthest few and corporations that ship american jobs overseas, or giving them to the middle class, and businesses that create jobs here, who is going to be on you
in washington. look, forget the ads. everybody can run slick ads. forget the truck. [ laughter ] everybody can buy a truck. here is the question you need to ask yourself before you go vote on tuesday. when the chips are down, when the tough votes come, and all the fight that matters to middle-class families across the commonwealth, who is going to be on your side? that is what this race on tuesday is all about. people say you are independent and bringing people altogether, until you actually have to do it. when the vote comes on energy and there is a choice between standing with big oil or fighting for the clean energy jobs of the future, whose side are you going to be on? martha is going to be on your side. when the vote comes on taxes and choice giving more tax breaks to wealthiest and corporations, and shipping american jobs overseas or giving to it the middle east and businesses that create jobs here, who is going to on your side? you will hear a lot of stuff about taxes. last year i kept a campaign promise to cut taxes for 95% of working americans. [ cheers and applause ] >> these members
returned to the washington area and we have changes coming in our direction for tomorrow. the rainfall which has been missing in the month of january is on its way back. here we go. outside right now, our high temperature today 52 after a 31-degree start. our temperature up to 42 degrees where the wind has gone calm. january rainfall 0.03 inches. that is 1.7 inches below average. we could use a little rain. that is good news. a little rain is exactly what we have on the way. high temperatures on the east coast, 52 here, 81 in miami beach. last weekend highs in the 40s. not today. they are still 74 there. not any real cold stuff in the eastern part of the united states that is good news. the next weather system will be 99% rain. you folks athrong mason-dixon line around southern pennsylvania and the mountains of west virginia may get freezing rain, but on the whole, most of it is going to be rain. all of it around the washington area will be rainfall. a soggy sunday on the way. here is a check of doppler radar. there is this large area of rain into the deep south. heavy rain across tenn
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